Our journey continues: Eleonora Ciardi of Casalbosco welcomes us with her beautiful smile and a ready answer: if I say Chianti I say “cool, history, passion, modernity … wine.” The common goal is to find the right balance between historical authenticity of the area and wine tradition. This is confirmed also by Poggio del Moro, which speaks of Chianti as a great opportunity for Tuscany to be known and appreciated to 360 degrees: “Chianti is not just wine, but it’s culture, style, land, food, panorama, energy of Tuscany “. “A strength that comes from a product – the wine-sincere, more and more of its strong brand and increasingly perceived by the public” continues Marco of Il Colombaio and the owner of Dianella, Francesco Passerin D’Entreves. He says: “If I say chianti ‘m talking about a brand that relaunches itself with a new image, fresh and open to the future.” The perfect image of a product that is well suited to a new audience, young and yet very aware.

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Another young woman – Emanuela, of Agricola Tamburini – welcomes us and answers our question with the word “evolution”. Chianti is the certainty of solid roots and a guarantee of success in the sign of contemporaneity. Giacomo Mori, owner of the company, as well as the Neri Del Nero of Castel Pietraio, have no doubt: both of them highlight the importance of a combination destined to win time. “Chianti is Tuscany’s wine par excellence”: so also Antonio Bartolini Baldelli of Migliarina and Montozzi, who continues: “Chianti has done a great job in its own image, now more attractive than ever, renewing it without distorting it.

The young Lisa of Fattoria San Gervasio is excited about the renewal undertaken: Chianti is increasingly protagonist of the stories that the audience likes to hear in relation to wine, “is a brand that speaks for itself, and loves to create stories and headlines through most forms “. For Philip, the Fattoria Le Sorgenti, Chianti is “the symbol of a land and a wine that makes you dream” and continues “its image has changed, certainly, but remains tied to the idea of excellence in Tuscany, one capable of binding the product to its territory. ” Even Francesco Paolo Corbucci, owner of the company, evokes the Tuscany and wealth linked to its territory: “Chianti is the expression of all this beauty enclosed in a glass of wine.” Many voices and ideas that meet, all with one common thread: as in Tenuta Il Lago, Agricola Corbinelli, where Chianti is “a great wine in continuous evolution”, “a wine to drink always, perfect for every occasion “.

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For Riccardo of Tenuta Moriano Chianti is “security of an excellent product, more and more appreciated by the young audience. And among the producers, the younger ones, such as the owners of La Gigliola and Casa di Monte, introduce a concept simple and powerful: love. For their work, for the earth and for wine that is born from the meeting of these two elements. All with one goal: quality.

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