Chianti: a word round, full of sound. Able to evoke universes of meaning, all united by a single large denominator: wine. So, let’s ask who the wine does and lives day after day: “If I say Chianti, I’m saying…?”. Propose this suggestion to the producers of the Consorzio Vino Chianti present at the 49th edition of Vinitaly is like opening a window on a global dimension of the wine, from the emotional bond that develops between a producer and its land to the “technical” aspects.

Someone has replied this question with the classic combination of “tradition and innovation”, which has soon given way to much more personal and new suggestions. Like that of Tenuta di Morzano, which responds with the word “harmony”, followed by “uniqueness.” Chianti wine, Tuscany, an area to live with all your senses to grasp its peculiarities. “For us manufacturers is clear our strength: Sangiovese grown in Tuscany is unique.”

vinitaly 15 1 bigEven Linda of Poggio Capponi and Alberto of Cantine Ravazzi respond with a smile and a magic word: “happiness”. A joy that comes from the great satisfaction of the present and from big expectations for the future. Someone thinks about the side more “social”: for Pamela of Agricola Pugliano, if I say Chianti, I say “Lovers”! After a little more than a month  from the Anteprima Chianti 2015,  #chiantilovers are increasingly in love with this brand, with this name that encompasses a concept has always been linked to the idea of beauty, great attention to details at every stage of wine production. “A particular care in the vineyard, and then in the cellar. The result are wines capable of giving great satisfaction.”

The feeling is that among producers there is a common feeling that is called “trust.” Gabriele Valeriani of Palazzo Bandino and Alberto Perrotta of Cantina di Presciano speak of Chianti as a big bet that confirms itself even more successful: bonded to the tradition and oriented to the renewal, the expectation shared is “that the image and the perception of Chianti will grow ever more and that young people have access to this market, more open than in the past. “



It’s nice to talk to the producers and to surprise them with a question: each one gives a personal and singular vision and the result is that Chianti emerges as a giant “puzzle” in which each piece is precious, unique, necessary.

 The idea of Gianfranco Nigi of Tenuta Maiano is Chianti as “excellent red wine DOCG of Tuscan”, while Alessandra Renieri of Poggiotondo speaks of “sincerity.” An essential quality, enhanced from natural winemaking techniques, “without a massive use of wood, always in large barrels, and with a strong return to the use of concrete for fermentation” .