Our little journey between the producers of the Consorzio Vino Chianti present at Vinitaly is ending. The goal was to understand what feelings it evokes the word “Chianti” and talking with Farm Varramista we realize how important it is for people -especially the wine does and lives in the first person- a sense of belonging in this world called “Chianti” . And we also discover how it changed over time the idea of ​​the public to whom it is addressed: a growing public “evolved” and smart, attracted not only by a big name but also attentive to the global dimension of the product, linked not only to wine but a lifestyle. Chianti- continues Fabrizio Forconi of Podere dell’Anselmo “is a brand well established as an old oak tree: our roots are important and impressive. It is hard to undermine them. However, the changes made in recent times have been well addressed: the products are not light years different. The new vision starts from the vineyard, from processing. A wine that is made in the vineyard and in the cellar: the man actually does not do anything, he just has to protect this secret .

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Important words and sincere, confirmed even by Barbara of Tenuta Trecciano. Talking with her, the binding of Chianti to its history and to the history of its country, Tuscany, emerges strongly. Not anchored in a past too strong for its importance, Chianti today is increasingly “a total brand, capable of capturing an audience attracted by a fascinating concept that brings by itself both tradition and innovation.”  And in Fattoria Bini as in Casa al Vento we talk about Chianti as a wine among the most popular in the world because it can trap an audience larger than ever. Thanks also to its simplicity, of its being projected to tune into every palate without inspire the awe that one feels in front of wine with great structure. As said in Fattorie Fazzuoli and Fattorie Gratena, Chiant is beloved just for that: it is a winemade to be “understood” by everyone, not only by connoisseurs. Chianti is simplicity understood in its most positive, the ultimate expression of the wine made for those who love wine.

vinitaly 15#3 b Ritano Baragli, speaking on behalf of Valvirginio Colli Fiorentini, continues on the combination of “Chianti-Tuscany”. An essential concept, as vital is the importance of the numbers, which speak for themselves: more than 100 million bottles sold worldwide each year make the Chianti a name known and appreciated worldwide, now even stronger thanks to a great revival of image it is doing. An important concept, strongly advocated in Fattorie Parri and Pieve de ‘Pitti, as well as in Fonti a San Giorgio and Fattorie Valacchi: Chianti is expression of  Tuscan living: the awareness of being witnesses and heirs of an important tradition projected in an international dimension.


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When speaking of Chianti, the bond with Tuscany is indissoluble: for Mannucci Droandi and Poderi Tognetti “Chianti evokes the territory and the wine that is its best ambassador. The strength of the Chianti wine is its ability to best express the territory where it was born: two things that can not be divided, because Chianti is not just a product, it’s art and history of Tuscany, it is the tradition of culture”. We close the circle with the words of Peter Beconcini Agricola: “Who says Chianti says the Italian wine in the world. A wine made for the food, good color and good taste… A wine for all, that unlike the great structured wines -leitmotiv of a few years ago- doesn’t scare but welcome”.