When you visit a city, eating and drinking well is crucial to the success of the trip. Finding the right places is not always easy: sometimes we think we get into a casual place and then find that it is very expensive, or we find a delightful place, where at the end you eat little and badly … I mean, with the list of names restaurants and clubs you could write a whole encyclopedia, and it would still be hard to choose.

If you exclude the area of the Duomo, where you can find only eateries, pizzerias by the slice and take away, in Florence there are still excellent restaurants. Who wants to eat and drink good will find more easily good local places rather than mediocre: good food and good wine list, friendly welcome, accurate service and good value for money are the ingredients of the perfect place, one in which you would like to return. For lunch, a snack, during and after dinner. Just to satisfy the curiosity and give some advice, here are a few.

Let’s start from the lunch. In the heart of Florence, if time is short but hunger is so great, as well as the desire to complete the meal with a glass of red, you can bet on ‘Ino and on the  Antica Macelleria Falorni. ‘Ino is via Georgofili (behind Ponte Vecchio) and the specialty is panino. Calling it “panino” is also a bit outrageous: ‘Ino is THE for excellence panino, decreed by all Florentines as the best in town. Here, is the raw material that makes the difference! Also interesting is the Antica Macelleria Falorni: come in, sit down, order all typical Tuscan and then you discover that the bistecca  Fiorentina here is also to take away! Definitely worth trying.


 And where are you going for dinner? There are so many options, we know, but we have to choice, so we close up the circle on the classic taverns of Florence: Il Latini (booking first is a must, the risk is to remain empty-handed view of the perennial crowd) or alternatively (a little bit expensive, but for once you can do) the noble Trattoria Camillo, in Borgo San Jacopo. Not for all budgets, but it deserves a 10 and praise.



In the same road, moving to Ponte Vecchio here’s the Trattoria Mamma Gina: everyone who stop will return here once again. A vintage mood, good service and authentic flavors of traditional Tuscan cuisine. We continue our walk through the streets of Florence to come across in the “right place”: last but not least, here is the Antico Vinaio. Already the scent that comes from meats on the counter make fall in love… It goes without saying that here’s served only good wine Chianti, all at very reasonable costs yet. An honest, genuine, characteristic: just like the food and wine of Tuscany.