Two museums put together their collections in order to give a new light to the containers of the wine: a bottle is a bottle, say the traditionalists. Nothing more questionable: the exhibition “This Is Not a Bottle!” hosted by the MUDAC of Lausanne, offers an unusual meeting between several worlds: oenology, ethnology and contemporary creativity. There have always been many variations and interpretations of forms depending on their use: the design takes care of this, connecting aesthetics and functionality. And if all this is added to the history of the object, to their experience? The result is deliciously told in the exhibition “This Is Not a Bottle!

bottiglia 2

The project was born from the desire shared by two institutions: the Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts (MUDAC) and the Musee Valaisan de la Vigne et du Vin: a meeting that you do not expect, two collections enriched by loans from all over Europe and from the United States to compare different perspectives on the issue of bottle glass. A dialogue between objects related to wine and design that stimulates questions on the form, function and symbolic aspects. For example, an old wooden cup is combined with the famous Strange Carafe sculptor Etienne Meneau, resembling a network of veins as a reminder of the effect invigorating wine.

The challenge is to offer visitors new ways of looking, drinking and serving wine, other than those normally represented.