The International Festival of Photography Cortona On The Move for the third consecutive year he returned to work with the Consorzio Vino Chianti for the International Prize Happiness on the Move / Happiness in Motion: Chianti appellation is known and beloved around the world is told through the lens of photographers. And that’s how wine and territory become the perfect couple at the center of narratives that continually evoke emotions and offer experiences.

At the opening press conference of the Festival Cortona on the Move – on 27th April at Leica Store Space of Milan, was also presented the International Award of Photography Happiness on the Move organized by the Festival and by the Consorzio Vino Chianti, partner for the third consecutive time of this important initiative which tells the places and people from all over the world through the lens of photographers. Happiness on the Move is a contemporary and transversal perspective on the world, in a perfect #chianticool style.

Also this year there was a jury of international caliber, who viewed the 233 projects of professional photographers from five continents to participate in the competition Happiness on the Move. Here are some of the names in the jury: Daphne Angles – The New York Times in Paris, Simon Bainbridge – British Journal of Photography, Elena Boille – International, Tim Clark – 1000words Magazine, Renata Ferri – Io Donna, Amica, Veronica Nicolardi – Cortona On The Move, Irene Opezzo – La Stampa, Arianna Rinaldo – Cortona On The Move, Fiona Rogers – Magnum, James Wellford – Screen.

At the end of the evaluations, he was decreed the winner of the 2016 photographer Klaus Pichler, born in 1977 in Wien: he won with the work “Golden Days Before They End” and will receive the prize on July 16th during the opening week of the Festival, Lorenzo Tersi, the Consorzio Vino Chianti wine advisor. The winning project will be the subject of one of the exhibitions of the next edition of the International Prize Cortona On The Move. This year, in fact, will be set up and can be visited since the opening of the festival, July 14, the exhibition Futuristic Archaeology Daesung Lee, Korean author winner in 2015.

About the event, the President of the Consorzio Vino Chianti Giovanni Busi says: “We are pleased with the collaboration of the premium and for the opportunity to talk to an audience outside of our industry. Cortona is an enchanting setting within which spreads a strong local identity, and thanks to the passion of an international project attracts professionals from around the world. Happiness in the premium movement is our leitmotif, a thread, such as Chianti, to express and tell. “