The sector of enogastronomy in the past decade has made its own evolution. Day by day also consumers have become more demanding, and the wine consumption is on the rise. The information ha made more aware the new wine drinkers, while those who have always drunk are increasingly careful and know very well what they want, and ask quality and professionalism.

Thanks to social networks and blogs, today consumers select according to the criteria proposed by the various opinion leaders and listen to the comments of the other active consumers on the Internet. Often they don’t know the world of wine , but they try to extricate themselves in the jungle of information, they ask and learn. Usually they are young and, although inexperienced in practice, very versed on the theory: they know everything about the new vintages and the lesser-known names thanks to their constant contact with the web.

Where do they buy wine? The online channel confirms itself as an increasing trend, and the consumer contemporary is looking with interest to the cellars, the cooperatives and the proposals of retail trade forms. While with regard to the points of consumption, the approval rating is always oriented in contexts in which the wine is “told”, described. And especially if it is possible the immediate purchase of the product, not only the tasting.

The Consorzio Vino Chianti launches campaign 2016 # chiantigustalofresco and focuses on correct and conscious consumption of Chianti during the summer thanks to the involvement of retail. Chianti speaks of itself ain order of an ever increasing and ever better consumption.