Once again, the technology meets the world of wine. It is not a robot or decanter App to discover and buy your favorite wines. It’s the smart  wine glass! The idea, born and developed in recent months by a group of researchers at the University of Technology Dresden, serves to recognize and analyze the amount of alcohol consumed.

How does it work? The glass is made of a special material, constituted by chemical elements which react in contact with the alcohol. The higher the alcohol content, the stronger the chemical reaction, which occurs on the glass bottom and remains invisible to the human eye. Connected to an app on your smartphone, the glass as well as intelligent is useful if, for example, during a dinner with friends has had a few glasses of wine but you have no idea how much you can consume alcohol before going over the limit.

This is where the application comes into play: once entered data such as age, history of drinking, weight and height, the Wine-O-Meter provides the exact amount of alcohol in the glass of wine and calculate your level. No need to control the device in every sip: when you approach the maximum level of alcohol, a glass of wine will trigger an alarm in the sieve on the bottom of the glass and filters the alcohol.

This way, you can enjoy the wine without worrying about getting drunk. Of course this is not a device that prevents drinking, but that warns when approaching the alert level beyond which you lose lucidity.