Italian wine has reached the export boom in 2015: here some secrets of the success of an industry that knows how to adapt to the times.

In Italy there is the 22% of the world’s vineyards grown organically (data presented by Coldiretti). With 2,300 hectares of land cultivated for 10,000 companies and 1,300 wineries, Italy in the last thirty years has been able to work very well on the recovery of the indigenous varieties, boasting 1,200 now on the national territory.

The wine consumption of Italians rose from 68 liters per person per year in 1986 to the current 37 liters, representing a record low since the Unification of Italy in 1861. The result is that the amount of italian wine consumed in Italy it was even lower than in the rest of the world. In Italy we drink less, but we drink better with the wine that has established itself over time as the expression of a lifestyle “slow” careful balance psychophysical which helps to feel good about themselves as an alternative to the excesses .

And the world markets what they say? In 2015 the Italian wine has marked the historical record in exports, which reached a value of 5.4 billion, an increase of 575% compared to 30 years ago when they had amounted to just 800 million euro.

There are also many technological innovations in the sector: the arrival of the QR code on the label to ensure traceability from the glass screw through the smartphone and the ability to check on the web this label on the bottles to get product information, as well as to be guaranteed from imitations.