Each time you hold a glass of wine in hand, with the desire to know everything about what you’re drinking, you have perhaps the impression of feeling privileged? The explanation is simple: you are holding a product that brings with itself a history of uncontested triumphs, an epitome of the culture liquid. For many years the importance that has taken the wine is perceived thing: with time increased producers, oenologists, sommeliers, insiders. Afterwards, influencer and Social Network.

Even in the digital version of the wine works. What the web say about wine? Who speaks and how? These are all questions to which the “Vinografia” answers to analyze the wine world and its web reputation. The wine is a vital sector that feeds thanks to a great common passion and where the union between producers and wine lovers is a trump card by sharing a sentiment which is always positive, bringing all participants to cheer for the same protagonist: the wine.

A particular credit goes sometimes recognized to some opinion leaders who express a professional opinion with simple tones and suitable to digital world. The web has proved a correct way to rejuvenate an industry that was beginning to feel the weight of his years and his much wisdom. Anyway, raise up your glass and listen to the network!