The 50th edition of Vinitaly is coming: the leading event dedicated to wine, celebrated every year in Verona, is starting next week with over 4 thousand wineries as guests. While from every part of Italy winemakers are coming in Verona, in Parliament a bill is ready to bring the “history and the civilization of wine” in primary and secondary schools as a subject, at least one hour per week .

Six articles about the genesis and history of the wine, the geographical origin of native and non-native grape varieties, production and processing of grapes. The primary objective is cultural, of course, but this bill that arrives just at the eve of Vinitaly has many meanings: to give the wine the value of a product of identity of our country, for example. The history of wine is a history of symbols: a product that has always represented peace, prosperity, ability to create an economy that brings new occupations related to wine sector and much more.

 To talk about and seeding the history of wine is a positive sign of the connection between people and land, between micro and macro-history. And the wine is linked with the history of Italy, for sure. It’s the first step: a proposal is still not the final text of a law, but if the path chosen is that of culture and knowledge, it’s welcome.