The international technology magazines have already dubbed it as “the Internet of wine“, because the application of such systems really allows you to make sustainable the vineyard, control its operation, save money too. Producers love these themes, even if they are still linked to more traditional work techniques, and consequently that help you get more natural products but whose yield is more secure.

Italian startups are working on vineyards hi tech: they had the idea to spread the vineyards with micro cameras able to take high-definition images and sensors that collect data such as moisture content of the atmosphere, soil and air temperatures or weather conditions. To communicate to those who cultivate information such as the presence of any pests, the need for more water, or protection from freezing or excessive heat.

Even in rural areas – where connections are often difficult- you can transmit the data: the Wi-Fi came between the rows and connects sensors and control units that provide the ability to monitor the progress of individual screws and vineyards 24 hours 24. in other words, there are micro cameras working even in low light conditions, at low cost and therefore also applicable to small wineries: a more “democratic” oriented technology and usability through simple and user-friendly interfaces.