The German word “Zeitgeist” means “the spirit of the time”. Even in the world of wine, the knowledge of general trends and current needs of people is useful to build the image and reputation of companies and products. The keywords that emerged from the investigation of Wine Intelligence are: immediacy, trust, transparency, customization, upgrade. Let’s analyze the first.

Today you can get a product comfortably at home in a short time, and in the future will be more and more. There are many examples of “shipments innovative”: app that allow you to send anything anywhere very quickly, some specialized in wine, from purchase to delivery with a simple click buy. Also important is the idea of “transparency”. The prime example is the app Vivino: reviews, scores of wines and product localization in real time.

We shouldn’t underestimate the “small” trend: small sizes made for new patterns of consumption. A trend that is linked to that of the “measure”, the custom made product, concept that responds to the increasingly desire of products designed exclusively for the individual consumer. Expectations or illusion? A matter with which wine companies must confront, for sure.

Examples of “customization” of the product in the wine sector is “My Tailored Wine”: a website that offers the opportunity to become a virtual winemaker. Market trends are always changing: the correct positioning of a product is the result of the balanced combination of all these forces, without intuition prevails over information, expertise, knowledge.