Inspired by the liquid nature of the wine, the French study XTU (author of the French Pavilion at the Expo 2015) has designed a thematic citadel in Bordeaux using wooden structures, aluminum and glass panels. The City of Wine has been designed as a real architectural statement, with fluid forms that through the continuous movement creates a relationship with the surrounding space.

cite du vin

The idea is to evoke the liquid nature of the wine, for both external and internal. The facade consists of glass panels and polished aluminum perforated that, with the passing of the hours, create more and different reflexes in a constant dialogue with the river Garonne. The building has been designed as a lively place to go and discover: the citadel in fact houses a permanent exhibition, three areas with a tasting immersive multisensory space, a reading room, a concept store, two restaurants and a panoramic restaurant. References to the world of wine and its history are constant: even the wooden arch that dominates the permanent exhibition area is reminiscent of the wooden structures of the ancient boats that transported the barrels.

One of the added values of the project is its eco-friendly soul: everything here is oriented to minimize environmental impact and energy point of view, the requirement has been reduced by 70%. The positioning of the air vents at low points takes advantage of the prevailing winds, while the courtyards dissipate heat, generating a current of air which by itself lowers the temperature of five degrees in the summer period, limiting the use of air conditioning. The roof is also protected from the sun’s rays through a “ventilated shield” that controls the temperature, and the use of geothermal energy.