Innovation, sustainability and enhancement of the uniqueness of the products: Vinitaly 2016 Edition is also this and in the debate on new domains as a strategic lever to promote the recognition and online tracking of a brand, the International Wine and Spirits Fair is an opportunity to talk abot local wineries and their ability to leverage innovation to spread their excellence.

The Internet is always an opportunity to support businesses in their competitiveness and growth: in recent years the availability of new domain extensions has further expanded the possibilities available to companies. From January 27th, 2016 the domain names with .wine and .vin extension are available for registration: a valid alternative to the traditional domains .it or .com. for those who work in specific contexts and an important added value generated to leverage strongly linked to the extension of the business.

Today the e-commerce of wine is less than 0.5% of the sector’s overall sales: producers and distributors of the wine sector are in front of a big potential market and deal with new strategies is definitely a winning move. In the wine sector, like any other product category, “being online” is necessary to meet the increasing consumer demand both in terms of information that of direct purchase by e-commerce. The registration of .wine and .vin domains is a way to open up to the global market, while protecting the local Identity and communicating in a clear and immediate nature of its business, and by promoting the recognition online.