Summer rhymes with Chianti: red wine is so cool in the summer, in town such as by the sea. It may be the ideal solution for unusual combinations and – why not – even with fish dishes. It is not true that in summer the choice of the wine to accompany the dishes must always be a white wine: too restrictive! Although some (even more less now) still consider it taboo, a cool temperature for serving red wine is not forbidden, but …

The only care when you choose to serve a red wine in the summer, is serving it at the right temperature: the ideal is 16 degrees, the same that you can found in the cellar. Re-creating the ideal microclimate to store the bottle allows you to enjoy the better a good Chianti even in thr summer. This way the wine retains the best aroma and flavor, and is very pleasant on the palate with each match.

The Consorzio Vino Chianti, froma a long time at the forefront in promoting a greater culture of wine and the awareness to a proper consumption even in the summer months, has recently re-launched the campaign “Chianti Fresco”, that with the hashtag #chiantigustalofresco guides consumers in the right mode of preservation and tasting of Chianti in the summer.

Beyond the educational objective,the project of the Consorzio is to focus on communication to increase sales. Confirms Giovanni Busi, President of the Consorzio Vino Chianti “Without ambitious goals we can do not not create projects neither the development of a territory like the Chianti, so vast and so important and which then represents the best of Italian wine in the world”