The digitization of the Italian wine industry continues and makes important progresses on information design, storytelling and social networks management. But how Italian wineries do prepare themselves to digital challenge?

Some strategic consulting companies specializing in communication in the wine sector have analyzed, in April 2016, the presence and the online activities of Italian wineries and consortia reality: among the main highlights emerged from the research is interesting that 33% of producers has improved over the last 12 months the usability of their sites thanks architectures renovated and designed more and more for international customers.

The presence of companies on social networks decreed the primacy of the most classic tools: Facebook tops the list, followed YouTube and Twitter. Closes Instagram, with utilization rates up from last year. Moreover, today most of the wineries offer information and navigation paths in at least two languages.

Also note that over half of them associates the communication of the product to the territory of belonging also introducing apercorsi experiential references. The positive trend confirms the excellent results achieved and project companies in the wine sector towards ever more ambitious goals.