No need to be sommelier, have friends who have centuries-old wineries that passed down from one generation to know how to choose a good wine. No need to read books or magazines. The key, as in all things, is not only “do well”, but knowing how to tell what you are doing.

Making wine is an art and knowing how to interpret it and explain, a dowry: here are some simple steps to follow to enthrall guests, friends, companions during a tasting


# 1 A world in a label: here often you read the characteristics of the wine, the aromas, the typical pairings. Without improvising, you can very well associate wine memories already tasted and enrich your description
# 2 look to the cap: If it’s a cork, there is a greater air exchange, so it is a lively wine and unpasteurized; if it is of silicone or plastic, wine is stopped, without the possibility to interact with the outside, thus it requires more ventilation than the with cork.

# 3 uncork the bottle without making any noise: the sound of the cap is good only at New Year

# 4 Pour well: the gurgle of the wine that comes down from the bottle is a music. Make her listen and you’ll earn points.

# 5 Honesty above all: it happens to taste a wine that you do not know or encounter unexpected glitches. In this case, better to admit to not knowing than pretend to be expert anyway.