We always talk about landscape: how to keep it, how to enhance it, how to “taste it”. Words, words, words … often very beautiful and promising, but just as often destined to remain so. After all, are they the channels and topics on which is really worth to aim to promote our beloved land? In our sector, for example, there are many examples that can give a broader view of what may be the wine-landscape union.

First of all, the wine tourism and more generally the tourism of food, are certainly the most direct and eloquent way of expressing the italian landscape. From several years there has been a revolution of wine tourism, thanks to the strong appeal that Italy has exercised abroad as a destination for excellence in food and wine tourism. It could be even more, since the wine tourism, which began as a niche phenomenon, now is a kind of well-established tourism and with great potential.

The immense gastronomic heritage of our country is, in itself, like the art-historical one, a form of attraction that helps to expand and add variety to the choice of tourism. What makes Italy unique is its lifestyle concept that embraces many areas. The wine tourists are more and more and increasingly diverse: fortunately there are not only wine tourists, happy just for the winery experience without requiring special knowledge… There is a growing demand for wine tourism by of true enthusiasts (gourmand travelers, wine collectors and travelers’ foody) and industry experts (oenologists, restaurateurs, producers, journalists and wine bloggers) that unlike the first ones, require an organization attention to the smallest details and a detailed knowledge on wines, manufacturing techniques, companies on the wine market and the gastronomic characteristics of a territory.

Tuscany, #chianticool region par excellence, represents the excellence of wine tourism, able to do the lion’s share in a market sector expected to grow.