Starting from the 3rd of August and lasting the entire month, a photographic exhibition entitled The Proud Winegrowers by Edoardo Delille will be on display at the Franz Josef Strauss International Airport in Munich. The exhibition, free of charge for airport patrons, is part of the project Behind the excellence developed by Air Dolomiti and by the international photography festival Cortona On The Move, with the partnership of The Trip Agency. We are talking about a series of five exhibitions that narrate, through the universal language of photography, the excellence of the Italian territories over which Air Dolomiti flies out of Munich.
The aim of the exhibition is to promote the Tuscan territory through a series of portraits of men and women who work in the wine sector: the passion, experience and hard work that lies behind a great Tuscan excellence. The Proud Winegrowers was organised in collaboration with the Consorzio Vino Chianti, and consists of 25 portraits (150x100cm) of winegrowers, owners and workers of the Consortium’s estates. The photographs were taken by Edoardo Delille, a Tuscan photographer of international renown.
Arianna Rinaldo, director of Cortona On The Move and curator of the exhibition, explained: “When we asked Edoardo Delille to think about a style, a concept suitable for portraying and expressing the value of the Chianti product in Tuscany and throughout the world, he had no doubt: the faces, the expressions, the pride. And that is how a series of portraits originated: from the seasonal farmer to the owner, to the family of producers, to the locals and the foreigners who, in the same way and with the same commitment, work for the purpose of producing one of the products which Italy is most proud of. In the eyes of all people portrayed in the photographs, one catches a glimpse of the light of excellence, the undeniable value of tradition and of work intended as a symbol of commitment and quality”.
“It is a huge pleasure for us to be partners with Cortona on the Move in this important project in which the activity of Tuscan workers plays a leading role” commented Paolo Sgaramella, Commercial Vice President of Air Dolomiti, who continued by saying “In the same way, there are many activities carried out by our airline which are often not visible to the passengers’ eyes but that nonetheless require a lot of effort, commitment, and obsessive attention to details.  I am also very proud to be able to support an extraordinary project linked with the arts, something for which Air Dolomiti has always had a great sensitivity.”
“For us, it is a wonderful opportunity to talk about who is really behind a product that has become famous all over the world” explained Giovanni Busi, Chairman of the Consorzio Vino Chianti, “Our wine represents centuries-old history and traditions, and it is important to be able to express it also through photography, especially in a country like Germany, a crucial hub for the export of the wines of our Appellation. We firmly believe that this exhibition will meet with great success, and that it will help enhance the appeal of a territory that is one-of-a-kind in the world”.